26 nov. 2009

Thanksgiving !

First thankful for my mom who support me everyday.
Second thankful for all of you who support me in my fight with your sms, and your twitter messages, im so upset by all of 'em. i know with you i'll be stronger and better soon. I know in 21 days i'll be alone in my room at the hospital but in my heart i'll never alone.
Third thankful for all my followers on Twitter and everybody who read my blog posts, comment 'em and watch my videos on my Youtube Channel :)
Thanks for all of you for your e-mail and all your comments on my Facebook's links when you say me that you like 'em i am SO upset when i read 'em 'cause thats very important into my life.
haha BUT i cant forget everybody who speak on my back 'cause without you all my life at HighSchool (and elsewhere) would be less funny ! =D

Thankful to Muse, Jonas Brothers, Mitchel Musso, Demi Lovato and anyone else for your music, your hope and your strength into it ^^

Special thankful to you boy for everything you do for the illness :)

My Simple win today -> try to explain my gratitude for yall into my thankful.

Pray for everyone you love. I Do the same. Today i pray for all of you.

Undying Thank you.

All my Love.
God Bless you All !


3 commentaires:

Myriam :D a dit…

[Ah ça c'est sur j'suis à la ramasse... --"]
In 21 day, I know you'll be at hospital, like you say, but I don't know why... I'm sure I'm passing for the idiot of service... Sorry :$
Brief', I'm happy to read your blog 'cause euh... I'm just happy xD (Fool, Myriam, Fool... --")

I'm going to write another song, I'm so inspired by everybody who are around me :D
Aha ! It's for this ! I'm happy to read your blog cause it helps me to write songs... ;P

See You Soon :D
:) Myriam.

Anonyme a dit…

Hey, Margaux the new friend here.
Love your blog like I already said it to you :)
Anyway, I didn't know what to say in my comment, i still don't know, but i wanted to let you one comment, you I do it :)
Humm, I'm happy to met you, you're kinda funny, so it could be great !
Don't be scared for the hospital, it's gonna be ok, i'm sur of it :) you'll be strong !!
You already do things harder.

babyshera a dit…

Hope u'll be good! U have to be good! Everything will be alright! I promise!!

Be strong