26 oct. 2009

The Heart Never Lies

Its Saturday October 24th 2009 at 7:38am when i wrote his words.

Im wake up at 4:50am 'cause today w/ my SoftBall Team we play at Marseille in the South of France.

I feel better now, but few hours earlier i ate one Donuts and from that ive a big stomachache … now i feel better, i eat some biscuits whose great for me :) but i always freezing …. :/

More the lands movin in front of my eyes, more i thinkin of my life, my health, me, you, everything.

I know my way is here. In this car w/ their.

I hope that everything gonna be alright.

The sunshine gets up from the horizon. Beautiful thing. Beautiful colors.

im happy to be here even if the president of the team didnt ordered my license for this weekend so i cant play, but thats not a problem. I'll make many photos. SoftBall is important in my life.

btw here in France we're in holidays since tomorrow so i dont work Monday. I can see Moon !!! =D and our sweet friend who's comes back from Brest in the North of France (cold place haha LMAO).

Even if im sick, my life is truly awesome ! I'll go to see the Jonas Brothers for the FIRST time in two weeks w/ Moon, the next week i'll go to see the Jonas again w/ my brother, after the next Friday i'll go to see Indochine w/ my sweet Amazing June (haha ill present you her soon ;) ).

FINALLY i'll go to see Muse for the 6th times ! W/ Moon, my brother AND June !! haha Awesome !! Cannot wait to do all this things with 'em !

I wish a happy birthday party to my friend Tom for Tonight im so sorry i couldnt be here …

I hope n i pray for my friend Léa & Auré i know thats nothing, btw im not a believer, but i wanna help you girls ! You're so sweet thanks for everyday girls, you make me laugh every night !

McFly, Muse, Jonas, Tom, Rupert … etc, etc... haha (L)

' If you don't believe me
Just look into my eyes
'cause the heart never lies

Some people fight, some people fall
Others pretend they don't care at all
If you wanna fight I'll stand right beside you
The day that you fall I'll be right behind you
To pick up the pieces

If you don't believe me
Just look into my eyes
'cause the heart never lies '

' The Heart Never Lies ' - McFly

God Bless you my Friends.

All my Love.


Banner makes by Léa :)

23 oct. 2009

' We will be victorious ' [ ... ] ' That'd be alright '

' They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious '

'Uprising' - Muse

Hey ! Tonight i dunno why but i feel truly ... sad.
Have you already got one person in your life who make you happy everyday ? Who just understand you when she's look into your eyes ? Who know when you're sad ? Who take care of you when she buy candies w/o sugar ? Who send you THE more moving message for your Birthday ?


But ...
Since two days, she didnt not answer me. No Message. Nothing. I cant believe it ! I love her sooo much ! i cant live w/o her ! I Miss her so far ! T.T

My Last Tweet:
@ddlovato & @Selenagomez - Miley/Mandy - @sangora & @Alexxzandrra - @GarciaLea & @EmmaLKC - ME & YOU ! I miss you !

I wanna say to you Thank you so much for everything you do and try to do for me. You're the sweetest girl ever ! I cant write all my thought b you 'cause i prefere to hug you ! Thats more expressive thing for me !
I can write more and more but thats not like a real hug :)
You're my sweety Sil ! My Selena ! My voice for living ! The FIRST person to call me Stella ! The ONLY ONE to call me Coco ! (L)

'Happy bday my sweety sweety sil ! i love you sooo much ! you're my starlight =) my raindow =) the reason why im singing =) you're the guiding light my life was missing =) i really need you, and im so proud to be in your life too. you learned me how to be simple and humble, how to accept who you are, how to be free, how to be happy. happy birthday my Lily. <3 '

What can i answer to this INCREDIBLE message ?

Expect for that I LOVE YOU !

I think i'll conclude this article b you my Sil just how i begun it: With Music.

' If it's you and me forever
If its you and me right now
That'd be alright
Be alright '

'Fly With Me' - Jonas Brothers

Thx to Auré for the '[ ... ]' haha :D

22 oct. 2009

' Tell Me Why. Why Why ? Does it hurt so Bad ? Tell me Why. Why Why ? Does it make me mad ! '

Tonight im so puzzled ...
Puzzled about him ...
He's so pretty w/ me, texting me, tease me, smile me everytime ...
He wants a poem so i wanna create it but i CANT write it ... i try but i dunno ... i find nothing !
Just one white page ...
Why ?
His Smile make me smile back, his blue eyes call me to swim in 'em.
We speak together everyday.
He tries to make me laugh.
He tries to make me smile.

' Tell Me Why. Why Why ? Does it hurt so Bad ? Tell me Why. Why Why ? Does it make me mad ! '

Tell Me Why - Jonas Brothers

Maybe im afraid about that ! about him ! about love ! i dunno !

I am so Puzzled ...

21 oct. 2009

Welcome to My Simple Win !

Hey guys ! Welcome to my new blog :)

Here i wanna share with you many part of my everyday life ^^
Im Lily, im 18 and im a huge fan of Muse, Jonas Brothers, Mitchel Musso, ThirtySecondsToMars and Demi Lovato !
I live in France but i wanna live in US or in another country in the future. Music is all my life. I think Its also some things whom everybody should know because she helps to pass and to support full of events. i work at school and at job all of the day and i compose music all of the night ! Im the drummer and second voice into a french rock band named Adventys.
Im so excited to see the Jonas Brothers at Zurich and at Antwerpen !!! and after i'll see Indochine and MUSE !! CANNOT WAIT ! :D
Btw im the creator and president of the French Street Team of Mitchel Musso !
To release my soul i need to take photos, sing, compose songs, write texts, work on my novel, or just do one way in my car ...

Since few month i suffer of some weird symptoms ... and to write and sing become my only way to be better ...

'But you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
And you don't know what it's like to feel so low
And every time you smile or laugh you glow
You don't even know, no, no.
You don't even know. '

A Little Bit a Longer - Jonas Brothers.

I continue to smile and laugh everyday, i continue to play Softball and do some sport at my HighSchool to show to everyone that even if im weak, i can do the same things, the same efforts, the same way ...
Currently, nobody knows what I have really, i already make some analyses to know but nobody knows ....

I am not a believer but sometimes i think one mystic force help everyone in this world .... i ma not a believer 'cause if God is real and listen my old prayers i already do comes back her from 8 years .... But i think the expression 'God Bless you' is very important for everyone and i've the impression everybody could be better ...

All of my Love. Lily

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Me taken by MoonOfCydonia :)