18 nov. 2009


'Broken hearts and last Goodbyes.
Restless nights by Lullabies helps make this pain go away.

Once upon these days where I wrote an article about one special person into my life, into my heart. One person who helps me everyday to be stronger and better. One person who today answer me finally:

'Sorry for breaking all the promises I wasnt around to keep.'

My Simple Win Today -> Stop crying.

Thank you to Clara, Helena, Camille, Auré, June, Marina, Laurie, Sab, Alexxz, the Girls if the Team and Nick, for all your support, your prayers and your help. I know just say 'thank you' is truly small for what you do for me if I could Id like to hug all of you. My heart and my love are everyday with you.

' 'Cause i dont wanna see you and me going our separate ways. Begging you to stay if isnt too late.'

' But you're already on your way. '

all the quotes: 'Sorry' - Jonas Brothers

6 commentaires:

Helena a dit…

Oh thank you!!! You're so awesome! Thank you, you're always here for me and same for you!!!! <3

Camille N a dit…

Sorry, ma chanson préférée <3
Dont worry, keep going, we're here :)

Meems95 a dit…

Sometimes life is hard .... We don't know why but we just have to try and don't give up =)

Sabrina a dit…

No, thank YOU. I feel honored to be in that list. Thank you for being such an amazing friend. I don't know you for such a long time but I really feel like it's been ages!!
You're a wonderful person, and I love you very very much =D ♥♥

Myriam :D a dit…

My other post wasn't validated --"
So... I said that the song "Sorry" always makes me cry cause I don't keep my promises... I'm a bad girl ><.
And I said too I didn't want to speak english cause I'm very sick but I speak english x)'
The GRIPPE H1N1 prevents me to go out of home of all week. (Not very english my sentence... xD)

Bye :D
See U. :D

JeSsiiK a dit…

Sorry ... encore en pleurs !! je l'écoute en ce moment même =(

'Sorry for breaking all the promises I wasnt around to keep.'