15 nov. 2009

'I Belong to You'

Im currently in the train when I write these lines. Yesterday had been an AMAZING day about 'em.

First I am SO happy 'cause I saw my friends Camille (twitter: _CamilleN), Alexxz (Twitter: Alexxzandrra), Sab (twitter: sangora) and Jessy (twitter: Jessy_Megan)

Arrived at the Sportpaleis at 8:30am w/ my young brother.

At 5pm: Soundcheck … I think he didnt read my banner 'My Simple Win: Be here today' I am so sad but I hope he saws my message... Soundcheck in front of John, Crista & Caro.

At 6pm: Meet & Greet: Haha awesome moment with 'em. I am SO sorry Kevin but I know you didnt angry against me 'cause you hugged me :D

I hope you love your Gift Joe, but I know that too 'cause Nick loves it too haha

The gig in front of my sweet Jack haha AWESOME !

Greg & John (and I think Jack too) had seen our Banner Moon ! John took it in his bag :) They love it so much ! Greg smiling and check me two times with Big Smiles. Haha I LOVE 'EM ! I cant stop laughing when I remember his face at these moments.

At this end of the show, I pointed Jack and make (y) he smiles and says to me 'Thank you so much' after when just guys played nobody applause except ME while looking Jack in the eyes ! He smiled me again and says 'bye' with big smile.

I am SO happy 'cause these guys are truly awesome ! I cant believe no one knows 'em …!!!

I don't know if you Greg, or you, John, or you, Jack read this article one time but guys, seriously … YOU ROCK ;) thanks so much to be the best everytime even if all these … girls comes just for Joe, Nick and Kevin, you're always here and you ROCK ! Caro and Crista too !! You're AWESOME and truly talented musicians.

Id like to meet you one day I hope thats come true soon ^^

By the way, thank so much for your speech next to 'A Little Bit Longer' … I cant comment more but just:

'I can't find the words to say
When I'm confused
I travelled half the world to say
You are my mu-se'

I Belong to You - Muse


I've a message for you all now. I just wanna thank you all for your reading, comments, following, prayers and more ! I created this blog to share with you my fight of everyday... Soon I'll come to the hospital to do some tests... I hope everything will be ok... but im afraid of this day 'cause I was always afraid of the noodles. In 1 Month and 1 day.

All my Love.
God Bless You All Everyday.


9 commentaires:

_CamilleN a dit…

Such an amazing day <3

Myriam :D a dit…

So luuuckyyy.

océane a dit…

océane marchesini aime ça!

Meems95 a dit…

I'm so happy for you ! =D

Sabrina a dit…

I was so happy to meet you even for a few minutes ^^
Looks like you had fun!! I think we all did coz that concert was seriously AMAZING!!! I never expected to be that close to them =D
Omg I can't wait for them to come back, next time I'll make a giant sign for ALL of them. It was so weird that half of the people there didn't knew the whole band. You could tell they only came for the JB.
I had a great time and I hope we will do that again (let's hope we find each other before the concert then x))
Love you Stella :p

Ps: ♥♥ the pic ;)

Anonyme a dit…

Woaw, even if I would go to a concert I won't succeed to meet the singers closely ! lol


Musers Pizzorno a dit…

You're one lucky girl !! I hope I were you, that would be my lucky day !! I'm so happy for you !! :)

JeSsiiK a dit…

Pour bien commencer la commentation de ce chapitre, je dirais : c'est une Lily comme celle sur la photo que je veux chaque jour <3

Aw !! <3 Camille, je ne savais pas que tu l'avais vue aussi <3

Soundcheck !! J'ai gagné celui de Paris ... <3 mais pendant le Soundcheck j'ai fais peine à voir !! =s (J'étais assoiffée, épuisée, malade en plusse de ma maladie (tmtc) et ... je ne réalisais pas qu'ils* étaient devant moi : donc, en moi, c'était réellement le calme plat !! Pauvres d'eux s'ils ont eu le malheur de croiser mon regard pendant ce soundcheck, ils ont du se dire : 'OMG, elle est heureuse, elle, de nous voir, ça fait peur' ... c'est ce à quoi j'arrête pas de penser depuis le 26 novembre, depuis cet instant =( et s'ils m'avaient vus et s'ils s'étaient dis ça : j'ai honte de moi )

Pourquoi Kev' aurait il été fâché contre toi ?! x) que s'est-il passé ?! loool

*big sourire sur les lèvres* en lisant ce que tu dis sur Mr J. <3 (j'espère que tu dodotes bien à cet instant ?! =D )

Anonyme a dit…

wouuuuaw tu as rencontré les Jonas et leurs musiciens...je comprend pourquoi tu aimes beaucoup les OceanGroove...et c'est vrai que les musiciens sont très bon parcontre euh j'ai un peu zappé qui est Caro et Crista ?

en tout cas tu en as eu de la chance xD

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