6 avr. 2011

We're together everything's alright

As usually I have too many things to say at the same time, and I don't know how to start.

You'll never be ...

"Alone on the Path"

I discovered this month, how much a girl's heart can be dark and bad and I seriously won't lie to you: It hurts me so badly to know that some people can be heartless at this point. For example she broke up with a boyfriend to go out with another one, she invited him to live with her everything in less two month. She can't stop saying wickedness of the first one, everyday again and again. Then she broke up with this second boyfriend for some selfish reasons and now she came back with the first one. It's just unbelievable and makes me sick. How can someone stand this ?
Anyway I don't wanna talk more about her 'cause she does not deserve it but I can tell you that I feel really better in my mind for she is out of my space, out of my life.
There is a feeling bigger than hate, it's disregard. :)

"You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
Don't come back for me
Don't come back at all
Who Do you think you are"

"Jar of Hearts" - Christina Perri

Sometimes If you feel like you are not in the good place.
Sometimes If you feel like alone or useless to everyone you love.
Sometimes If you feel bad for nothing.
Then Don't be worry.
If you are not in the good place right now, don't worry your special place will come soon.
If you feel alone,don't worry, you'll never be. Your friends are there, your family is too and of course your guardian angel(s) is/are always here to guide you everywhere you'll be and in every choices you'll have to do.
If you feel useless don't be worry, you are not 'cause everything you could say will always help your friends.
If you feel bad for nothing, don't be worry. Of course I havent a magic formula but I can just tell you to wait 'cause tomorrow is always another day.

"Some will win
Some will lose
Some are born to sing the blues
And now the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'
Streetlight, people"

"Don't stop believing" - Journey

Each problems always get a solution, when you don't know what to do or what to feel,if you are nervous or scared, just close your eyes and repeat to yourself: "Everything's gonna be okay" again and again.
You'll see how will you feel better after this and that everything will be okay.
Trust me.

Yes you have to Keep the Faith and you'll see one day your dreams will become true and your life will be better.

"We're together everything's alright"

"Grab Your Coat" - Ocean Grove

I don't know when I got this feeling for the first time, but I just can see that it is here, in the bottom of my heart. It's like a locked door about to explose at each moment of my life.
But as I said above it's like a locked door, it's a mysterious feeling, I don't know what is behind this famous door... I am curious and I wanna know but I am scared to be disappointed by I could discover over there.
Sometimes this fear takes the control on me and I can just go to my bed, put on my duvet on my head and vanish from this world. So far away from this feeling. But sometimes I cant then I close my eyes and repeat to myself that everything's gonna be okay and my day continues.

"I can feel my heart beating as i speed from

then sense of time catching up with me" - Death. White Lies

I visited to my doctor to the hospital, she said my tests were good ! That's SO amazing ! But she can't explain why I am so tired, falling asleep, have sugar problems and I have to get back to see my endocrinologist again to explain this.
I don't wanna go back .
Why can't she explain these symptom.
And sometimes I am about to think that I am just sick in my head … but I know I am not 'cause it's really hurting me. I get so many problems to breath while running on a Softball field, climb the stairs and more.
I am just tired of everything. But I won't give up and i'll fight. Maybe I am my own problem but i'll fight against myself if I need to do to get well.

Few months ago, one of my classmate told me: “Why aren't you studying music ?” I have to confess … it was a good question … last year i'd like to apply to an American Music College but I am not sure to have the level and this is SO expensive … =/ but I won't stop composing and singing 'cause I am firmly convinced that music can help to fight, to feel better, to live in another and better world, and that music can simply save a life. I will continue this way 'cause I feel it's the inly one place I have to be.

"I'm beautiful in my way,
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was Born This Way
Don't hide yourself in regret,
Just love yourself and you're set
I'm on the right track, baby
I was Born This Way "

"Born This Way" - Lady Gaga

I know someone who is currently reading this post while waiting for something I tweeted last week.
I have a special thanks today. I'd like to do it 'cause it's another proof that music can save a life.
I have a special thanks to 3 boys who are making one of the girl I love the most on Earth happy as I never saw her before.
She is radiant and that's just makes me so glad to see her like that. She really deserves it and for this I just can say thank you so so much to White Lies. Even when she is writing her reviews I can see how happy she is. How free she feels. I am so grateful to you White Lies. Thanks so much. Thanks for her.

"And that’s why I smile
It’s been a while
Since every day and everything has
Felt this right
And now you’re turning all around
And suddenly you’re all I need
The reason why I smile"

"Smile" - Avril Lavigne

The Softball outside season is back and I have to see that my level get down during these months off … I have to get it again … and for this I think I also need to rest more than before …
I saw it during my March vacations. I got one week off and I booked a 5 days to ski with my family then I should take the plane to New York to see Ocean Grove performing live for their 2nd show. Finally I rested during my snowboarding days, even if I can snowboard during 1 or 3 hours max per day but it was good to see another landscape, other people, my family and of course I was far away from my everyday life.
If one day you feel too bad for nothing maybe I finally have something for you: go to see new things or things you love so much during few days. It will be good for your soul and your mood and you will see your life with another glance. As a really reborn.

It's really good to reborn from something, it's like a new life begins.

When I booked my trip to New York City I thought one of my biggest could become true over there and finally I am fallen from high. I had to cancel it 'cause finally this days to the mountains wasn't perfect to rest good.
I was so sad, but I know i made the good choice.
Now I feel better, some weeks I sleep more than the others, I don't know why but I don't care. It's my life I have to live with it even if I have to fight everyday to stay in this good way.

Don't Forget to Keep the Faith and Never Give Up 'cause A Little Bit Longer and We'll Be Fine.
Always believe in your dreams and stay yourself.
They are the most important things.

These last weeks on Twitter, people talked about 100 facts about us. I decided to found mine.

1- My name is Alice but my friends and my family are calling me Lily.
2- I am singer/Songwritter
3- My hero is Jack Lawless
4- Only my maternal grandparents are calling me by my second name: Marie.
5- My favorite music bands are Muse, ThirtySecondsToMars, Ocean Grove, Jonas Brothers, Dionysos and Indochine
6- Number of Muse's show i already saw.
7- i am Infographic 3D/2D student.
8- I am French
9- i speak English more than i speak French.
10- i have one young brother only and he is amazing !
11- My favorite actress is Angelina Jolie.
12- Number of my pairs of Converses, i remember to have.
13- I already met some famous people.
14- I love Joe Flanigan, Jared Leto and Nicolas Cage.
15- My guitars' names are Kimmy & Anya
17- I love taking pictures of shoes .
18- I am never wearing the same socks
19- My favorite female singers are Christa Black, Amélie-les-Crayons, Demi Lovato and Paris Carney
20- I am addicted to Japanese food.
21- I couldn't live without music.
22- My favorite sports are Snowboard and Softball.
23- I am Right Outfield in my Softball Team.
24- My Softball team is like another family to me.
25- I already almost fall asleep in the cinema.
26- My biggest dream is to be on stage throughout the world to share my music.
27- Writing in my blog and songs is like a therapy
28- ''Don't Forget to Keep the Faith and to Never Give Up 'cause A Little Bit Longer and We'll Be Fine.'' is the motto of my life.
29- I think music can really save a life.
30- I was photographer to Julian Perretta's show at Lyon and this night a fan bit me !
31- I'll never forget November 14, 2009.
32- After my studies, i'd like to live in LA.
33- I like taking pictures.
34- I can't eat sugar 'cause of a small insulin deficiency
35- I can't stand heartless people
36- I think Lady Gaga is perfect, crazy and amazing. She makes me laugh a lot.
37- I never understand the Jonas Brothers fans who dont know who the backup musicians are.
38- I love snow and winter but I get some mood problems when the weather is too grey during few months.
39- My favorite french TV Show is Kaamelott.
40- I love to play chess.
41- I have a collector Clamp chess set.
42- My favorite movies are The Saga Underworld and comedy/romance movies as Valentine's Day or The Holidays.
43- In my opinion, Hans Zimmer is the best film score composer.
44- I am crying for nothing 'cause I am very sensitive.
45- My roomie's name is Fanny.
46- I'd like to have a dog.
47- I love to take the plane.
48- It's my number in my softball team.
49- I could become lesbian to go out with the dancer Ashlee Nino.
50- I use ''SweetHeart'' about (and to) one person only.
51- My favorite sportives are Shaun White and Hannah Teter
52- My favorite song ever is Megalomania by Muse
53- Only few people knows why it's my favorite song.
54- My favorite Jonas Brothers songs are Tonight, Burnin' Up (live) and Fly With Me
55- For me A Little Bit Longer is more than a song. It's a strength, a hope.
56- The first thing i do when i wake up: checking Jack Lawless tweets.
57- I love playing poker.
58- Everybody cannot understand my personal meaning of my first tattoo. (i'll get it on April 13)
59- Only 2 or 3 persons knows the secret of my song ''If I Ain't Got You''
60- I hate crossing a rail when i am in a car/bus.
61- I am 20.
62- I really regret one thing until now: I was to lazy to accept the audition request for Glee Season 2 they sent me.
63- I am a Stargate Atlantis super fan.
64- If i could live in the Harry Potter's world, i'll be at Slytherin, friend with Draco and a Death Eaters.
65- When i am really really angry against something or someone, i go to an empty place, put on my headphones, switch on my Ipod, listen to The Kill by 30 SecondsToMars, and i scream into the darkness.
66- I am always worry for each important persons of my life. Each one knows you they are to me.
67- I never dislike Bustin Jieber's music. In fact, i have all his discography on my iPod.
68- Before i hated Taylor Swift, then i listened her music and totally felt in love to cry.
69- Lara Croft is my oldest heroine.
70- My favorite country/city in the world is Monaco
71- I am still sleeping with two stuffed animals: a Volt and a Pikachu.
72- I am addicted to Hello Kitty and already got so many stuffs.
73- I composed the majority of my songs during insomnias.
74- I have 3 books for hope and always have 2 of them in my handbag.
75- My favorite Artist (not as musician or actor) is Andy Warhol.
76- Grace Kelly represents the woman's perfect to me.
77- I have a big problem with pink color.
78- I always forgot my History dates but i always remember the shows dates i was to.
79- The longest letter i wrote took 4 pages and i needed 4 months to write it perfectly.
80- It's easier to me to explain my feelings in English than in French.
81- I am learning American Sign Language and i hope one day i could help Deaf-and-Dumb person.
82- I'd like to adopt my children.
83- I already cried while composing a song.
84- I was drummer and backup voice in a french Rock Band named Adventys.
85- I don't wanna delete my twitter account 'cause it's my only one link with him.
86- I love reading Anne Rice's books.
87- I can solve a Rubick's Cube in less a minute.
88- Generally, i am late to each rdv. (i know it's bad)
89- Few years ago, i wore black clothes and only black clothes.
90- During my Middle-School 7th Grade, i slapped a girl and my friends held me back before we fight.
91- I cried when i saw my admission to graduation.
92- I repeated a year … two times.
93- I love my blond hairs more than my brown ones.
94- I tweet and text too much.
95- I love poppy and red lily flowers.
96- I never took drugs.
97- I already felt asleep 'cause i drink too much. (btw i slept sooooo good this night xD)
98- I know Lady Gaga's Bad Romance Chorus part choreography and I am a really really bad dancer.
99- I hate when someone has the same clothes as mine.
100- I already killed an USB key 'cause i worked too much.

"'Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me
And honestly
My life would suck without you"

"My life would suck without you" - Kelly Clarkson

God Bless you,
All my Love.


Credits: Etienne Rolland (Pictures)