2 déc. 2009

'Black Keys'

Hey everybody !

Catch the moment. Hide the truth.
Catch the moment. Hide the truth.

Hope everything is ok for you. From 4 days i try to write something about 'Black Keys' 'cause this song is truly incredible and make me cry everytime these last time... This song remembers me one person who's far away now.

'She walks away
Colors fade to gray
Every precious moment's now a waste

She loved it so much but currently I dunno if she's still in love with it ... I hope yes. I know yes 'cause she loves him so much too... He's the only way to be better against everything. His voice is the only way to be stronger everyday. His strength says me to dont give up. God Bless Him. When I listen 'Black Keys' I cant stop crying now. Her strength into my soul. Her loneliness into my mind. Her hopes into my heart. I just can wait and pray for that now. By the Way, praying, writing, composing and singing are the current only things I can do... My strength cant do more.
If I can I wanna send this strength to everyone who're there for me. All of 'em know who they're for me. Thank you so much again, again and again. Undying. Seriously. 'cause nothing obligate you to do everything you do for me.

I'd compose and recorded a new song named 'Just Friends' you can listen it on my MySpaceMusic's playlist ( http://myspace.com/lilycmusic ) Tell me all your opinions in all my blog post and my music :) To be better in the future ^^ btw this song is truly important for me 'cause I speak about one spacial person who always wants a song about her.

'And the black keys
Never looks so beautiful
And a perfect rainbow never seems so dull
And the lights out
Never had this brighter glow
And the black keys
Showing me a world I never would know
World I never knew

We're in December now ... December 2nd ... just exactly 14 days 'til my cure .... Im still afraid...

God Bless Yall !

all my Love.


All the quotes: 'Black Keys' - Jonas Brothers

10 commentaires:

LamiaKenny a dit…

Coucou ^^ Sa va? Donc comme ça tu t'appelle Lily?


Camille N. a dit…

I love this blog really <3
Black Keys is one of my fav & she makes me cry a lot ahaha :)
Don't give up, ily <3

Meems95 a dit…

Oooh you're soo cute ! =D.
Don't give up and keep going =)

Clara a dit…

God bless you.
I'ill always be there for you <3
Keep the faith and dont give up !

Soraya7071 a dit…

Oh dude, your text is so beautiful and wow I don't know what to say! Just Amazing! <3

Black Keys is my favourite song... ^^ Frankly bravo, I love your blog! Good job! =)

Thanks to be there! Love you <3

Myriam :D a dit…

I always cry when I listen Black Keys... For other reasons of course...
I've listened you new song "Just Friend", and I love it so !
I love the melody, the lyrics & when you sing two voices <3
Congratulation !
I've listened Sweet Downfall too, and I love :D

Kisses :D
See You Soon.

Kik7410 a dit…

Hey! Like I told u on twitter, im leaving coments :)
what u wrote is awesome! It almost got me :D
dont give up and keep the faith :p

kik7410 a dit…

hey !
i put a link for ur blog on my fb :D
Keep it goin' girl :)

Anonyme a dit…

Hi I love your blog and I want you to know I will be there for you if you need anything just ask me on Twitter BTW im EmeyLovesNickJ and my really name is Emelie!! So if you need anything wether it is to talk or you just need someone to listen I will be just at the other end of the screan!!

with lots of friendly love// Emelie

JeSsiiK a dit…

I don't really feel good there =( but I have to comment ALL your blogposts !! (I can do it ... for YOU !! )

Black Keys is def' one of my fav' song <3 this is my jam with ALBL <3


Don't give up !!