19 nov. 2009

'Cause I'm not Alone, No no no but I'm not Alone, No no no not Alone'

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Today, I can say you that i'm a little bit better than yesterday. It's on these ways we can see the persons who are really here for you.
I had my sport class this morning and thats more difficult to run on the Handball field day after day, and I can't stop thinking of my tests at the hospital in 27 days... i am SO afraid, 'cause now i'm sure ti be alone during these 5 hours of tests.

By the way, Yesterday I finished to write the lyrics and piano sheet of my new original songs named 'Just Friend'. Currently, I work on the guitar, drum and bass sheets, I hope to explain and show you my pain and my love for this song. Hope you like it.

Today all my prayers goes to my friend Lea. I want that she be better. She needs to be better. She must be better. God Bless you girl.

I dunno why but my song of the week is 'Fly with Me'. This song makes me feel strong and better. I dunno how I can explain this feeling. Shivers, happiness, hope ...
But i know with this girls and music I've the impression and the conviction I can kill my illness and be better one day.

God Bless you all.


' Life, is getting harder day by day
and i, don't know what to do, what to say, yeah
and my mind, is growing weak every step I take
so control your own
now they think I'm fake, yeah
cause I'm not alone, no no no
but I'm not alone, no no no
not alone '

'Not Alone' - McFly

3 commentaires:

Musers Pizzorno a dit…

Well, I hope you'll feeling better, Lily :)

I'd like to listening 'Just Friends' soon, you'll post it on your YouTube channel right ?

Cheers, Q

Myriam :D a dit…

I hope that one day you'll feel better... 'Cause if I want that you feel better it's cause I don't feel good and that makes me sad. I don't want people feel the same things than me... I don't think we feel the same things. It's impossible but I don't want you go badly... =/
Keep Smiling.

JeSsiiK a dit…

*a les yeux qui piquent* : fatigue + larmes = ça ne fait pas bon ménage !! =s

Haaaa !! Bonne nouvelle !! dans ce post, tu dis que tu allais mieux que la veille <3 c'est une belle BATAILLE de dire CA, ne penses tu pas ?! =)
C'est une belle revanche contre la maladie, envers toutes les personnes qui ne croient pas en toi (connards ... sorry, c'est sortit tout seul xD) que tu puisses aller mieux !! mais c'est aussi ... une belle victoire de tous les jours, pour toi <3

Hope Lea's much better <3

Yay YOU're NOT alone !! <3