8 nov. 2009

'A Little Bit a Longer and I'll Be Fine'

Hey guys !
Currently, when i write it i am in the train to be back at Lyon. I know i'll post this text when i'll be at home.
im just come back from Zurich... Truly weird weekend ...
First we take the wrong train ... it was not to Geneva but to Evian-Les-Bains. We slept in a hostel there and took the boat to Lausanne at 5:40am after we took the subway to the rail-station and finally a train to Zurich ...
13 hours instead of 4.
To close this weird week-end we had meet Billy Joe Amstrong and Tre Cool of Green Day ... WTF ? i had win Meet&Greet and Soundcheck passes to finally didnt see the Jonas ... i am truly sad.

I think about everything: my life, my future, my health... The loose w/ the gig at Zurich learned me the importance of 'em into my life, my fight.
He's my hero even if I prefer another ;) He's so strong and courageous. Everybody couldnt do the half he does everyday. I thought im like him but finally not. im so weak than him ...

"My simple win: be here today." dont forget that guys ... (©LilySimpleWin)

i dont how can explain you my pain, my sadness and my emptiness ...
i just say to you when i person write a song and if this song make you cry just when you ear it, you understand the real way of the song when you are in the same way ...
I cannot stop to repeat in my mind this lyrics:

'All this time moves by
Still no reason why

A little bit longer and I'll be fine

A Little Bit a Longer - Jonas Brothers -

i dunno why ... certainly to convince me i'll be better ...
Another thing is truly ... hard to hear for me,
Still this Hero, Still this men, Still Crying:

'This Song,
Is for every broken heart,
for every lost dream,
for every high or for every low
And for every person who's ever felt alone,
And Tonight this song, This song is for you.'

Speech while performing A Little Bit a Longer in 3D Concert Experience - Nicholas Jonas -

Thank you so much my Hero, thank you so much for everything you do.

Write this post is very hard for me... Every time when i hear this song or this speech i cry ... I cry now...

i wanna say a BIG thank you to my friends who are with me everyday again and again ...
I am a broken heart, I know my dreams are lost but not dead, I've High and low everyday, i had already be alone but now i am not.

For illustrate this article I've chose this pic of my Hero 'cause just this pic makes me cry every time ...

All My Love ! God Bless you ALL !


5 commentaires:

Jessy a dit…

I feel so sorry for you! Really...
I understand your "pain", your "sadness" and your "emptiness"...
What a weekend! I guess you've learnt alot thought it...
He's your hero, he's the hero of lost of people out there... We can't blame him, he's just human. Anyway, we know what he's been through and what he'll certainly do for this world...
I really hope next weekend will be better for you, you deserve it!
(I would like to talk to you about it ;) )
Keep The Faith Lily...

Myriam :D a dit…

I'm veeeeeeryyyy bad in English but I think I can write this text... Hum... I hope --"
"i just say to you when i person write a song and if this song make you cry just when you ear it, you understand the real way of the song when you are in the same way ..."

>> A little bit longer had make you crying (and if I understand, you always cry when you listen this song) but the song who makes me cry is simply another song of the Jonas Brothers, composed by Nicholas... Black Keys.
You’ve said that you’re in the same way of him...
I find that I’m the same way when I listen this words who are in Black Keys song. :)

(There’re many mistakes in my com’s and I’m sorry to this...)
I’m going to eat. See you girl =)

Myriam :D

Myriam :D a dit…

But I hope that Nick will not be sick any more...
'Cause if I don't make a mistake, you will go to another concert of Jonas Brothers. (y)
You've luck. (L) :D

Meems95 a dit…

This text really touched me ... It's really sad. When i saw that on november 7th, the first persons whom i thought were you and Clara and of course all the other fans in Zurich ... I was really sad for you. I'm happy that you finally meet them, and i laughed a lots when i read your tweet with Joe and Nick haha. These guys make me laugh !

JeSsiiK a dit…

Hey bah ouaaaaais Haha tu habites bien à Lyon !! :D JE VEUX VOIR TA BOUILLE EN FEVRIER (if possible, 'f course ;) )

Erf !! Zürick !! L'annulation du concert ... =( Nicky, malade =(
Je sens que je vais encore pleurer avec cet article (et avec cette photo btw : je crois qu'on est doté de la même sensibilité ... je crois hein ^=$ )

Tu as payé cher pour aller à Lausanne ?!
DAAAAMN !! tu devais aussi les rencontrer le 7 novembre ;( pas de boool !! mais heureusement qu'il y a eu des dates où tu as pu les voir après ;) btw (again xD depuis que je sais ce que cela veut dire, je n'arrête plus de l'utiliser !! HAHAHAH ) pourras tu me dire comment fait on pour s'inscrire sur la Team Jonas (L'empotée est arrivée ... Je me vois comme ça, on ne peut rien y changer =s )

Tu dis que Nicky est ton héro !! mais dis toi, que tu es comme lui !! tu es courageuse et aussi forte que lui !! sauf que lui, il est connu !! Chacun est doté d'une force et d'un courage quelconque !! ce n'est pas bon (pour toi) de te dire que tu n'es pas assez ou tu n'es pas comme untel, etc .. tu es TOi et c'est ce qui fait TA FORCE !! :)

Okay, là, JE PLEURE !!

'This Song,
Is for every 'broken heart' (à souligner),
for every 'lost dream' (à surligner),
for every high or for 'every low' (à surligner et REsurligner)
And for every person who's 'ever felt alone' *cries* (SOULIGNER, SURLIGNER, ENTOURER) *sad criyng*,
And Tonight this song, This song is for you. *honor crying*'

I am a broken heart, I know my dreams are lost 'AND dead', I've low everyday (TOO MUCH), i had already be alone 'and' now i am too.

*étais sûre de pleurer en lisant cet article* : BINGO =(