7 déc. 2009

'When my world is falling apart'

'When I look at you
I see forgiveness, I see the truth
You love me for who I am like the stars
hold the moon
Right there where they belong and I know
I'm not alone'

Currently it's 1:47 am when i start to write this blogpost and i cant sleep. This 'New' is truly hard for me. I dunno why you keep that secret. I know, we werent always in the same way and I disappointed you earlier. But Today, Tonight, I realize your place into my life. With you against me i never gave up. I always wanna be the best to show you im a great daughter ... of course im not the perfection that you want at school, i am SO sorry for that, but my way is musical. You shouted at me sometimes and you criticized me everytime but you're like that, and I certainly deserve it. I can forgot all the criticizes of everybody on me but YOURS are the worst. They tear my heart. How can you thing these things about me ? If its your way, im agree 'cause i cant go against your mind. But i never forget all these days when we laughed together, smiled and teased Mom. I know, you'll never read this post 'cause you dont understand this language but for me it's the best way. For me English is better than French to explain my feelings, hopes and pains. I've the impression to be more true. Maybe is just an impression i dunno.

First Me, after my Aunt and now You. God do you hate me or what ? I cant believe it .... This is a JOKE !? Why do you hate me like that ?
God please. Hear my prayers.
Maybe you punish me for something I did, right, im agree but please save 'em. Take me away. Just Me. Save 'em.

'Everybody needs inspiration
Everybody needs a song
Beautiful melody, when the nights so long'

It's for this thing that my next song will be for You.

'Cause I know that you love these two photos

'Cause there is no guarantee
That this life is easy
When my world is falling apart,
when there is no light to break up the dark
That's when I look at you '

'Cause for every young girls, they're the heroes of our life.

'Cause I Love You.
God Bless You.

From all my heart & with all my love.

Your Daughter, Lily.

All the Quotes are from: 'When i Look At You' - Miley Cyrus

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yolii a dit…

I love it!
continue please

Emey a dit…

OMJ your so amezing and I really love your blog I really think you should continue in the last one you talked about a cure what did mean by that????

Anonyme a dit…

its amazing I really love it this really speak to me in some sentance Its like reading what I live . The photos are also incredible, the first specially.

_LostInYourEyes a dit…

I start by saying that I have now read all the posts.
And I love them.
I especially like this last post, don't know why (:
All your pics are so beautiful, i love your blog.

Marina a dit…

I always says that "everything is plan of God!" Did you already watch "A Walk To Remember"? It's a movie that talks about a girl who have leukemia and wants see a miracle. She fall in love for a boy who is always getting into trouble at school. But don't matter what happened, she changed the boy and made he be a good guy and made him see that there is a new way of living. And that made her become more healthy. She was concerned about other things instead of just thinking about his illness and that God hated her. Just do it, stop thinking that God hates you! He don't hate anyone! It's just Him plans! Did you already think that He have a BIGGER thing for you? A BIGGER thing that you never thought?
Think about it.

God bless you so much!
(sorry for my mistakes, I'm brazilian)

Maria a dit…

So I have just read everything that you have wrote in this blog. I was so near to tears the whole time. What was inspiring to me was your fight and your faith. I can't imagine going trough the things you do.

I'm just like you, expressing my feelings trough music. and I could help by being inspired to write a song. I just started with it but I think i have all the lyrics done and I hope that I can show it to you soon.

I think that you should keep the faith and we all will pray for you and hoping that you will be better soon. :)

Love Maria


océane a dit…

even in english tu écris vraiment bien!!

Myriam :D a dit…

You write so good in English.
There are many texts in your blog who makes me... Euh... Who put me tears in the eyes...

JeSsiiK a dit…

Miley Cyrus, I love her !! Je ne sais pas pourquoi certaines personnes détestaient ses tweets, l'insultaient de gothique, etc ... Moi, j'aimais justement lire ce qu'elle écrivait, car, je pouvais me sentir encore plus proche (que par de ses chansons) d'elle <3 et j'aimais aussi (même si je pense qu'elle ne pouvait les voir) répondre à ses tweets, en lui souhaitant du courage, le meilleur pour son avenir ... enfin, je lui parlais comme je te parle <3 but in english Hahah
When I look at you, je l'ai utlisée pour en faire une vidéo dédicacée à ma grande soeur <3

Il est beau cet article <3 et tu n'as pas à t'excuser de ne pas être 'bonne' à l'école ... (PERSONNE N'EST PARFAIT, si la Perefection existait, crois moi, je pense qu'on le saurait :D ) et pis tant que tu aimes ce que tu fais et tant que tu ne baisses pas les bras ou quoique ce soit :)

'For me English is better than French to explain my feelings, hopes and pains' > ce que tu m'as dis tout à l'heure (enfin ... hier, maintenant !! Goodmorning, btw <3 It's ALREADY 3:40 0_o )

PS. You were really so cute !! <3 'Petite chenille dans l'herbe verte, tu te demandes qui tu vas être! La route sera longue, mais accroches toi à tes rêves. On a tous du chemin à faire, mais la ballade en vaut la peine. (et même qu'elle soit parsemée d'embûches !! ) rappelles toi qu'une vie morose, sans 'lows', ce serait une vie d'ennuis.



Loooove <3