25 nov. 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wow ! it becomes to be a tradition there. haha x) it's just really important to me to try to thanks everyone. I'd like to put a message to all the important persons into my life but i can't ... why ? simply 'cause these persons already knows how much i love 'em and i am so grateful and thankful to have them in my life and my heart.

Thanks to my family to trust in me and support me everyday.
Thanks to all my friends. Thank you so much everyone for everything. i am so thankful and blessed to have you all !
Thanks to everyone you believe that even me i was able to be graduate. and I AM ! =D
Thanks to all my followers on Twitter and readers,and everyone else who are watching my videos on my Youtube Channel ^^

Thanks to Muse, Jonas Brothers, Christa Black, Paris Carney, John Taylor, Ryan Liestman and of course Jack Lawless for your music, your messages to me, your hope and your strength into it.
Special Thanks to Gregory Garbowsky to tweet my friend Elyse. It was so awesome ! and i know how important it means to her.

My Simple win of the day -> try to explain my gratitude for yall into my thankful.

Pray for everyone you love. Today i pray for all of you.

Don't forget to Keep The Faith and to Never Give Up 'cause I Little Bit Longer and We'll be Fine. Always believe in your dreams.
Undying Thank you.

All my Love.
God Bless you All !


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