23 oct. 2009

' We will be victorious ' [ ... ] ' That'd be alright '

' They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious '

'Uprising' - Muse

Hey ! Tonight i dunno why but i feel truly ... sad.
Have you already got one person in your life who make you happy everyday ? Who just understand you when she's look into your eyes ? Who know when you're sad ? Who take care of you when she buy candies w/o sugar ? Who send you THE more moving message for your Birthday ?


But ...
Since two days, she didnt not answer me. No Message. Nothing. I cant believe it ! I love her sooo much ! i cant live w/o her ! I Miss her so far ! T.T

My Last Tweet:
@ddlovato & @Selenagomez - Miley/Mandy - @sangora & @Alexxzandrra - @GarciaLea & @EmmaLKC - ME & YOU ! I miss you !

I wanna say to you Thank you so much for everything you do and try to do for me. You're the sweetest girl ever ! I cant write all my thought b you 'cause i prefere to hug you ! Thats more expressive thing for me !
I can write more and more but thats not like a real hug :)
You're my sweety Sil ! My Selena ! My voice for living ! The FIRST person to call me Stella ! The ONLY ONE to call me Coco ! (L)

'Happy bday my sweety sweety sil ! i love you sooo much ! you're my starlight =) my raindow =) the reason why im singing =) you're the guiding light my life was missing =) i really need you, and im so proud to be in your life too. you learned me how to be simple and humble, how to accept who you are, how to be free, how to be happy. happy birthday my Lily. <3 '

What can i answer to this INCREDIBLE message ?

Expect for that I LOVE YOU !

I think i'll conclude this article b you my Sil just how i begun it: With Music.

' If it's you and me forever
If its you and me right now
That'd be alright
Be alright '

'Fly With Me' - Jonas Brothers

Thx to Auré for the '[ ... ]' haha :D

4 commentaires:

Alas a dit…

Beautiful, and moving! :)

Sabrina a dit…

What a beautiful message :)
You're lucky to have her, and she's lucky to have you!
In fact we're all lucky to have you, I love you my stella :)

MoonOfCydonia a dit…

Woaw.......... I'm just...crying.
What could I say after that ?
Just ..I love you =)
"Don't want to fall asleep, 'cause I don't know if I'll get up, but I'm dying without your love..." but i know I'm loved, I know it, and I'll never foget. And "don't foget, to take a breath =D" I LOVE YOU MY SIL !!!!

JeSsiiK a dit…

Franchement ... tu as de la chance de l'avoir et inversement !! (Je me rends compte que ... je ne fais rien pour améliorer ma vie, car si je le voulais ... je pourrais avoir des amies ... de vraies amies !! ) mais bon !! J'ai ma meilleure amie ... mais elle me laisse tomber !! sympa, hein ?! enfin bref !! encore un article tout riche en émotions et qui vient de me faire verser une larme =$

J'espère que ça s'est arrangé avec la miss !! =( courage !! <3

*hug* =) <3